Logistics Operations gets a new home at Center Green

In late July, Logistics Operations bid farewell to the Mesa Lab and moved into new digs at Center Green 3. Previously, shipping and receiving were based at the Mesa Lab, with mail operations at Foothills Lab. The move allows Logistics Operations to centralize all activities in one location and provides a superior dock for delivery trucks.

The services offered by Logistics Operations will not be affected by the move in any way, says Kerry Slaven, who heads the group.

UCAR/NCAR’s business address is now 3090 Center Green Drive, Boulder, CO, 80301. All vendors have been notified of the change, and Logistics Operations is maintaining staff at the Mesa and Foothills labs for a six-month transition period to ensure continuous service. Staff with monthly subscriptions from private shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS are advised to notify the shippers of the address change.

The move was motivated by safety issues and a desire to save fuel, as the new location will require fewer trips up and down from the mesa. It will also reduce truck traffic through the residential neighborhood beneath the lab. Upcoming construction on the Mesa Lab coincided with the timing of the move.

Staff with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact Kerry or Joseph Lujan.