An invitation from UCAR’s childcare center

Open house: Saturday, October 20

October 17, 2012 | As parents of a two-year-old, Fabian Guerrero (CISL) and LuAnna Allapowa (F&A) say it’s much easier to be productive at work knowing their son is happy at CCLC, UCAR's childcare center.

UCAR daycare
(Photos courtesy of CCLC.)

“As our child grows, we continue to appreciate the high accreditation of the center and teaching staff and the enthusiasm that CCLC has programmed into early child development,” says LuAnna.

Since opening its doors in 2004, CCLC at UCAR has provided child care for hundreds of staff. UCAR contracts with the California-based Childrens' Creative Learning Centers to operate the center, and employees receive priority enrollment. When space is available, members of the community also have the opportunity to enroll their children.

Center director Stephanie Ivancic says that CCLC at UCAR strives to create programs that develop positive self-image for children and respect their individuality, intelligence, and creativity. “Our upcoming open house is a great opportunity for parents and prospective parents to learn about our curriculum and talk with teachers about their child.”

UCAR Daycare

Astrid Maute (HAO) and her husband have long ties with the center: their daughter is a graduate and their son is in the pre-K room. “The teachers are amazing, very loving and caring," says Astrid. “The teachers in the pre-K room did a great job of getting my daughter ready for kindergarten.”

Rachael Drummond (Communications) shares similar views. “I cannot speak highly enough of the teaching staff. Their commitment to creating a positive and stimulating environment for the children is exceptional," she says. Both her children, now five and three, have been at the center since they were infants. "They love it. I get grumbles if I collect them too early and they are busy with a project!”

Parents and prospective parents are invited to experience what UCAR's childcare center has to offer during the upcoming open house.


Open House

Saturday, October 20,
3050 34th Street, Boulder
(off Valmont Road between Foothills Parkway and 30th St.) 

About CCLC at UCAR

Open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Extracurricular activities
  • JumpBunch
  • Preschool Spanish
  • Music Munchkins

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