A great day for the Up-the-Hill Race

Mesa Lab tradition showcases athletes

August 13, 2014 | The annual Up-the-Hill Race, held earlier than usual this year—on August 8—escaped the worst of midsummer heat, offered participants a chance to showcase their athleticism and endurance, and gave spectators a fun-filled afternoon of competition and revelry.  

Deirdre Garvey
Deirdre Garvey relishes her first win of the day with a big smile. (Photo by Rebecca Swisher.)

The inaugural Up-the-Hill Race was in 1980, only a year after the Bolder Boulder began. In that kickoff event, Employee Activities Committee (EAC) official Bill Kohri told the cyclists, “There are no rules. Just stay on the road.”

This year’s race winners included two biathletes who competed in both the bike and foot races. Deirdre Garvey (RAL) won gold medals in both categories while Rory Kelly (CSG/CISL) won a gold and a silver.

See box below for a full rundown of winners. The EAC website includes times for all of this year’s participants.

The 2014 winners

Women's bike race

Deirdre Garvey, 7:47
Laura Landrum, 8:37
Alex Jonko, 8:42

Men's bike race
Rory Kelly, 5:12
Stefano Alessandrini, 6:11
Will Wieder, 6:35

Women's foot race
Deirdre Garvey, 11:59
Liying Qian, 12:57.9
Jennifer Kay, 13:44 

Men's foot race
Victor Bayona, 8:53
Rory Kelly, 9:04
Matthias Weitzel, 9:29

After the race, spectators and participants feasted on cold beverages, barbeque ribs, Asian noodles, chips and dips, cake and ice cream prepared by Food Services. The Nasal Ridge Pickers, featuring musicians Ed Snyder, Ron Lull, John Hernandez, Bill Palmer, and Tim Buchanan provided a mellow backdrop of bluegrass tunes.

This year, the EAC introduced a participation contest for the post-race party. The group/division with the highest percentage of staff attending and registering at the party would win a happy hour just for them, organized by the EAC. Our congrats to CGD, winner of the participation contest with party attendance of 29.4%. CISL came in a close second, with 20.1%.

A special note for the running crowd: There will be a UCAR/NCAR Bolder Boulder team next year, brought to you by the EAC. The only cost to you will be the price of registration. For more information, contact Alexis Baile, ext. 8553.

Slideshow from 2014 Up-the-Hill Race and Party

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Matthias Weitzel and Victor Bayona
Gold medalist Victor Bayona congratulates Matthias Weitzel for his third-place win. (Photo by Rebecca Swisher.)