GLOBE prepares for student climate change campaign

Several GLOBE staff traveled to Geneva, Switzerland in late January for the Global Climate Change Research and Education Workshop, held at the offices of the World Meteorological Organization.

 The goal of the workshop was to begin planning for the GLOBE Student Research Campaign on Climate Change, which kicks off in 2011 and culminates with an international student research conference in 2013. Representatives from the climate science and climate education communities met to identify research questions and shape the campaign’s focus.

 As part of the campaign, millions of students around the world will have the chance to participate in research activities designed to enhance climate literacy and understanding for themselves and their communities. GLOBE leaders hope the campaign will empower students, teachers, and community members to take action on climate-related environmental issues, and expect it to create a model for 21st century environmental science education. The program is enlisting the support of some of the world's leading climate change scientists, education experts, businesses, foundations, and policymakers.