Get out and see the (academic) world: UVISIT wants YOU

New support for NCAR & UCP visits to member institutions

February 14, 2013 | The UCAR President’s Office and NCAR Directorate are pleased to announce a new opportunity targeted at bringing NCAR and UCP science and engineering expertise directly to our university partners. The program, titled UVISIT (University Visits in Scientific Interaction and Teaching) provides support for our scientists and engineers to spend time in residence at U.S. universities for collaborative research, teaching, lectureships, workshops, and similar activities.

Students on MIT campus
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is among UCAR's 100-plus member and affiliate institutions. UVISIT will help make it possible for NCAR & UCP scientists and engineers to carry out extended, focused visits on campus. (Wikimedia Commons photo by Russavia.)

UVISIT is a supplement to the ASP Faculty Fellowship Program, which fosters scientific exchange between NCAR and university professionals. The emphasis in UVISIT is on our staff spending time at UCAR member institutions and academic affiliates.

"This is an expansion of our robust visitor and exchange programs and is a direct response to requests from our university community," says UCAR president Tom Bogdan. "Faculty tell us that they benefit greatly from visiting us and would like to host more of our scientists and engineers on their campuses."

Support from UVISIT is designed mainly to cover travel and housing, with salary typically covered by the host institution or through other means.

Matching our talent with campus opportunities

UCAR has long offered a range of popular and successful visiting programs through NCAR’s Advanced Study Program (ASP) and UCP’s Visiting Scientist Programs (VSP). UVISIT builds on our current offerings, supporting scientists and engineers from NCAR and UCAR in spending extended, focused time at universities and colleges across the United States.

The new program provides a matchmaking system for pairing talent here with visiting opportunities at our partner universities. A NCAR or UCP staff member need not have a target institution lined up before applying. Likewise, a university can apply to host a UVISIT participant from a field of interest before identifying a particular NCAR or UCP scientist or engineer who would visit.  

The goals of UVISIT are:

•  strengthening our community and science
•  providing participants with opportunities for intellectual growth
    and professional development
•  fostering collaborations between UCAR/NCAR/UCP and the
    university/college community
•  increasing our support for that community
•  enhancing participants’ understanding of university and college environments

Interested applicants should address as many of these goals as possible and will be selected accordingly. NCAR and UCP staff may apply at any time, with applications reviewed on an ongoing basis. For universities interested in hosting a UVISIT participant, the next application deadline is March 29.

"Community service is a critical and valued component of NCAR’s mission," says Maura Hagan, incoming NCAR acting director. "I am pleased that UVISIT enables our staff to directly serve the university community, and I encourage applications!"

For more information and to apply, see the UVISIT website