Foothills repaving project delayed until next spring

The repaving project that was on tap this summer for the Foothills Lab parking lot and ring road has been delayed until next spring. In the meantime, FMS is coordinating a patch and repair operation with a paving contractor to fill potholes and address immediate safety concerns.

“The patching will be done prior to winter weather and will get us through one more season, until we can start on the larger effort,” says Matt McMullen, director of FMS.

To reduce waste, the patch and pave materials will be rototilled and turned into onsite, sub-grade material for the repaving project next spring.

The project was deferred due to delays in the design engineering effort and construction proposal process. The resulting eight-week construction timetable would have potentially put the project at risk of early winter weather, causing delays and possible cost increases.

For more information, contact Matt McMullen (ext. 2060).