F&A creates new department for facilities and sustainability

In late November, F&A announced a new department, Facilities Management and Sustainability (FM&S), which includes Physical Plant Services, the sustainability efforts in SaSS, and the space management activities in Business Services.

"We're taking this step because we have a number of facilities challenges over the next few years," says Katy Schmoll, UCAR vice president for finance and administration. "I believe the reorganization will help to ensure that, as much as possible and feasible, the renovations we are planning will incorporate sustainability principles and put us on the path to being a model in the use of energy saving technologies."

The facilities challenges that Katy refers to include renovating CG2 to accommodate COMET, undertaking major renovations in FL4, and preparing the new building at 3375 Mitchell to house parts of RAL. The organization is also involved in construction management for the new supercomputing facility in Wyoming.

In related news, John Pereira, head of PPS, has announced his plans to retire in early April 2010. In the interim, he will move to a senior adviser position within F&A, assisting in the transition of PPS to FM&S and leading other projects. The new director of FM&S, Matt McMullen (pictured here), began work on November 30. Matt has been a practicing architect, developer, and construction manager in Colorado and California for many years and is experienced in incorporating energy saving technologies and sustainability into facility construction and renovation.