Employee assistance in wake of flood

Website helps staff get back on their feet

September 19, 2013 | In the wake of last week’s devastating floods, staff members across the organization are still dealing with the aftermath on many levels. A website created by F&A is serving as an information exchange to connect those who need help with those who can help.

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Mitchell Lane was impassable due to flood waters on Thursday and Friday, September 12 and 13, blocking access to the Foothills Lab complex. (Photo by Bob Henson, UCAR.)

The site includes postings from staff members affected by the flood, including specific needs and requests. Employees in a position to provide help can also post their availability on the site.

The website, UCAR Employee Flood Assistance, is open to all staff members and can be accessed with a UCAS password.

Additional resources are listed here: Flood Recovery Info for Staff.