Delphi Service alive and well

Rumors of the discontinuation of the Delphi Service found their way to the Staff Notes office. We’d like to clarify that these rumors are exactly that—rumors—as Delphi is alive and well. It simply hasn’t received any publishable questions as of late. (Occasionally, certain questions are not published at the questioner’s request.)

We’d like to think that the lack of Delphi questions means that the UCAR/NCAR universe has achieved perfection. If that’s not the case, Delphi coordinator Marc Genty is standing by to receive your questions. Be sure to include your name and contact info; although the service is anonymous and your name will never be published, Marc needs to communicate with you. And remember that while broad questions about UCAR policy and practice are traditionally handled through Delphi, you can also contact the UCAR Ombuds Office, established last year, for assistance with resolving specific issues related to your employment.