Chris Davis takes the helm of ASP

NCAR's Advanced Study Program (ASP) has a new director: Chris Davis.

Chris (NESL/MMM) says that his interest in mentoring early-career scientists attracted him to the positon. “My goal is to attract the best of the best, help participants establish their research paths, and facilitate collaborations between participants and with NCAR staff that extend well beyond the time that these students and postdocs are at NCAR," he says.

Chris replaces Maura Hagan, who has led ASP since 2005 in addition to serving as NCAR deputy director since 2008. Maura is now serving as full-time NCAR deputy director, while also devoting time to scientific research on the upper atmosphere.

"It's been my great privilege and pleasure to serve as the ASP director,” Maura says. “My scientific and personal perspectives are immeasurably influenced by the experience and by the postdoctoral fellows in particular.”

Chris, who holds a Ph.D. in meteorology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, came to NCAR as a postdoctoral fellow in 1990. A meteorologist by training, he studies the systems that lead to thunderstorms and other heavy rainfall events. He was a lead scientist on BAMEX (the Bow Echo and MCV Experiment), an ambitious field project in 2003 to study giant clusters of thunderstorms called mesoscale convective systems. He will continue to pursue his research interests while leading ASP.