Center Green construction

An update on CG1

March 16, 2013 | If you’re not an occupant of CG1, you may be wondering what’s prompted the renovation work visible over the last several months. Below is a report from planning and projects manager Marion Hammond.

I am writing to provide an update on the CG1 building project that is now nearing completion. Those in the building will have heard updates from me along the way, and my thanks to all of them for their patience that these projects can sometimes test. For those of you that may visit or simply pass by CG1, here is what has been going on, why, and what’s next.

CG1 building during renovations, March 2013
UCAR's Center Green 1 building. (©UCAR. Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

The CG1 property is one of the buildings owned by UCAR, which means we are responsible for all upkeep and repairs on this facility to assure that the building is safe and efficient and meets the needs of our colleagues and visitors.

The current repairs to the property came as a result of settling that was impacting the building in the form of cracks and condensation that should not have been occurring. To address this, we’ve had to introduce an expansion joint into the north part of building to alleviate these pressures. This mechanical process is similar to the joints you would see in bridges or in seismic retrofits of buildings. These joints allow for structural movement without damage. This installation is now complete, and the remaining work includes restoration of internal finishes.

As we executed this work, we also found that due to previous movement of the building, the integrity of the roofing material had been compromised. This necessitated re-roofing, which is also now complete.

The entirety of this project was bond-financed, as is often our practice for such capital expenditures. This allows us to take advantage of very low fixed interest rates, thereby forgoing impacts to our indirect rates. 

The north entrance that has been closed since the project started, and the nearby stairway, are both set to reopen in the spring. As the project winds down, I anticipate some ongoing minor repairs that should not affect the common areas. I will, of course, alert any offices affected by this wrap-up work.

My thanks to Melinda Powers, who has been instrumental in helping me address questions ranging from “What’s going on?” to “What is that smell?”

Again, thank you for your ongoing support. If you have any questions, I can be reached at ext. 8899 and via email.

—Marion Hammond