A brand new Mesa Road

The Mesa Mile construction project, which ran from early August through early November, was nearly as smooth as the new asphalt that’s now on the road. Staff and the public are enjoying the bike and pedestrian paths along the roadway, as well as a new parking lot surface and lighting at the Mesa Lab.

“We're all excited that this project gave us the opportunity to provide safer, more enjoyable access to the Mesa Road for cyclists and pedestrians from both our staff and the wider Boulder community,” says Kimberly Kosmenko (FM&S), adding that staff were patient and understanding throughout the project.

NCAR has already received compliments from the community on the project, according to Kimberly, with a big thumbs-up for the bike and pedestrian paths. And with regular maintenance, the road and parking lot surfaces will remain in good condition for two decades or more.

A ribbon-cutting party is being planned for next spring at the start of biking and hiking season.