Bike commuting workshops help staff ride with confidence

Flat tire? Don’t sweat it. A handful of staff gathered on October 28 outside Foothills Lab to learn how to keep flats from making them late to work. The hands-on workshop, hosted by FM&S, was part of an evolving series on bike commuting.

“We did a session on bike basics in September and learned that sometimes beginner riders have a lot of questions about commuting, so we’ve added two more workshops,” explains Kay Gazaway, sustainability outreach coordinator for FM&S.

A bike ambassador from Boulder-based Community Cycles led the workshop, walking participants through the tire-changing process from start to finish. The session covered everything from the difference between Schrader and Presta valves to tricks for finding a leak and either applying a patch or inserting a new tube. Participants practiced on the NCAR Blue Bikes fleet as well as on their own bikes.

The next workshop takes place on November 3 and will focus on combined bike/bus commuting. Participants will ride to a nearby bus stop to learn how to properly load a bike onto an RTD bus rack, what to do if the rack is already full, and how to stow bikes on regional buses. For more information, visit FM&S Events or contact Kay Gazaway.