Anthes Building status report

RAL’s new home is taking shape at the Foothills campus in the new Anthes Building. The remodel that’s under way is part of UCAR’s long-term strategic plan for space needs. The building, which was purchased back in 2009, will feature energy-efficient, “green” components and resulting long-term cost savings.

“This building is a great addition to the Foothills campus and its acquisition was a cost-effective part of our long-range strategic space plan to meet the needs of NCAR and UCP,” says UCAR president Rick Anthes.  “I am really pleased that it will be our greenest and most energy-efficient building, which is appropriate for a national center that does world-class research on weather and climate.”

Rick adds that while parts of NCAR and UCP have experienced budget shortfalls over recent years and have experienced reductions, overall NCAR and UCP have grown in most years since 1990. This growth requires more space, and owning is far less expensive in the long run than leasing.

“UCAR’s purchase of buildings has resulted in a significant net savings to NCAR and UCP and the savings is growing every year as the debt service is reduced,” Rick says. Eventually UCAR will own the buildings and NCAR and UCP will use them for only the cost of maintenance, with neither rent nor debt service.

When the Anthes Building is complete in August, the current occupants of FL4 will be the first staff to move in. They’ll stay there until next spring, while FL4 is being retrofitted to take care of long-term electrical and structural deficiencies. In April 2012, RAL will settle into the building for the long term.