The Anthes Building gets its first residents

Ribbon cutting ceremony planned for August 31

On Monday, August 15, staff who normally show up for work at FL4 headed across the street instead and began unpacking boxes in their new offices in the Anthes Building (FLA).

A dedication ceremony for the new building is scheduled for August 31 at 8:15 a.m. UCAR president and building namesake Rick Anthes will speak and a light breakfast will be served.

The kitchen area in FLA, with a view out the window.
The third-floor kitchen area in FLA will include bar-style seating overlooking Mitchell Lane. See more photos of the building.

Staff complimented the building’s natural light, collaborative atmosphere, covered bike parking, open kitchen area, Flatirons views, multiple showers, and more. View a slideshow of the building’s interior.

The move from FL4 to FLA went smoothly, according to Hanne Mauriello (UCP Directorate), who credits Facilities Management and Sustainability (FMS), SaSS, and FL4’s program move coordinators and systems administrators for a great job. “We moved 10 programs, which required a lot of coordination. But we started planning early, back in April, and all staff were really engaged from the beginning,” she says. “And it helps that it’s such a beautiful building to move into.”

The former FL4 staff will occupy the building until next spring, while FL4 is being retrofitted to take care of long-term electrical and structural deficiencies. After they move back across the street, RAL will move into FLA for the long term.

The FLA remodel was part of UCAR’s long-term strategic plan for space needs. The building, which was purchased back in 2009, features energy-efficient, “green” components that will result in long-term cost savings. Watch for more about the Anthes Building in the next issue of Staff Notes.

First Reactions

“The building has a very fresh feel, and the natural lighting is good, even for internal offices without windows.”
Laura Curtis, OGA


 “I really like being able to see the whole Front Range from my window, and the covered bike storage is a great perk.”
John Braun, COSMIC


 “I’ve been seeing a lot of new faces around the halls, including people I never knew before.”
Michelle Flores, UCAR Governance



Ligea Ruff dialing the phone in a conference room.
UCP administrator Ligea Ruff helped lead the move of more than 100 staff members from FL4 to FLA. Many offices and conference rooms in the Anthes Building feature colored walls and frosted glass panels.