2011 Boulder Solar Day Workshop

Local solar scientists will have a chance to meet and share research on instrumentation, observations, models, and more on March 18, when HAO hosts the sixth annual Boulder Solar Day in the CG1 auditorium.

The event, which is free and open to anyone interested, is intended to provide an informal overview of solar research being carried out at local institutes. Oral presentations will be followed by a poster session and reception. The day concludes with a keynote talk by Tom Woods, a senior research associate at CU’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics.

Boulder has one of the greatest concentrations of solar physics institutes in the world. The event draws researchers from NCAR, NOAA, CU, CoRA (Colorado Research Associates), and SWRI (Southwest Research Institute), as well as visitors from the New Mexico–based National Solar Observatory (NSO).

For more information, including how to register and participate, visit 2011 Boulder Solar Day Workshop.