2009 UCAR Awards Ceremony and Holiday Party

Staff celebrated the holidays and each other's accomplishments at the 2009 UCAR Awards Ceremony and Holiday Party, held at Center Green on December 11.

Sizzle String BandSizzle String Band.

Sizzle String Band warmed the crowd up with bluegrass tunes played by David Brown (CISL), Lynda McGinley (CISL), Nan Rosenbloom (NESL/CGD), John Hernandez (CISL), Ed Snyder (CISL), and John Pereira (FM&S).

Next came the UCARolers. In addition to performing traditional carols, the group sang a tribute to outgoing NCAR director Eric Barron ("Florida's So Delightful") and a tune directed to NESL director Greg Holland about the recent reorganization from ESSL to NESL. 

UCARolersThe UCARolers.

Following the music, UCAR president Rick Anthes, accompanied by President's Council members Eric Barron, Katy Schmoll, and Jack Fellows, presented the 2009 Outstanding Accomplishment Awards. Staff then dined from a buffet prepared by Event Services that included turkey and prime rib, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, tortellini, salad, and more.

Pictured below are this year's Outstanding Accomplishment Award winners. A complete list of nominations in each category can be found on the Outstanding Accomplishment Awards page.



Jack Fox (center) with Rick Anthes, Katy Schmoll, Eric Barron, and Jack Fellows.

Distinguished Achievement Award

Jack Fox (EOL) for transforming the EOL Design and Fabrication Services into a world-class premier facility to design and build equipment for atmospheric and related research. The capabilities of this new facility are a direct result of Jack's vision and leadership, and they enhance UCAR/NCAR's reputation significantly. The complexity and scope of new instruments built have increased in a manner that represents a quantum advance for our science. Having this instrument building capability in house saves NCAR critical research funding. In addition to projects within NCAR, such as instruments for the GV aircraft and the SUNRISE balloon gondola, other community organizations have contracted with NCAR/EOL to build some of their specialized equipment. A few examples are: palette systems for the NASA WB-57, major components for many of the sophisticated "HAIS" instruments, and a special dropsonde system for the NASA/NOAA Global Hawk. 


Bill SkamarockBill Skamarock.


Outstanding Publication Award

Bill Skamarock (NESL/MMM) for Skamarock, W.C., 2004: Evaluating Mesoscale NWP Models Using Kinetic Energy Spectra. Monthly Weather Review, 132, 3019-3032.

This publication tackles the very difficult problem of assessing the ability of numerical weather forecast models to accurately represent important weather features that occur at smaller scales. The author proposes a new approach, utilizing the characteristic behavior of observed kinetic energy spectra to evaluate the ability of numerical weather prediction (NWP) models to properly represent the behavior of weather disturbances and to quantify the effective resolution of the numerics of these models.



EOL winners.The EOL team with Rick Anthes, Katy Schmoll, Eric Barron, and Jack Fellows.

Scientific and Technical Advancement Award

John Hubbert (EOL), Mike Dixon (RAL), Scott Ellis (EOL), and Greg Meymaris (RAL) for the Real Time Ground Clutter Mitigation for Weather Radar. Ground clutter contaminates true precipitation echoes, making it difficult to interpret radar data and, therefore, provide accurate forecasts. The nominees have developed a real-time radar signal processing solution to this serious problem, a fuzzy-logic algorithm called Clutter Mitigation Decision (CMD). The CMD will help improve the understanding of the atmosphere, increase societal resilience to weather, and help provide world-class state-of-the-art radar data through this successful research-to-operations enhancement.

Jielun SunJielun Sun (center) with Rick Anthes, Katy Schmoll, Eric Barron, and Jack Fellows.


Mentoring Award

Jielun Sun (NESL/MMM) for her many mentoring activities, particularly for non-U.S. born individuals, through the Communicating Science Program and especially the English as a Second Language component of that program. Her dedication and efforts in this area have far exceeded her prescribed job responsibilities. She has a talent for helping educate and support attendees, advancing their English language capacity, especially in science communication, as well as enabling them to gain a sense of confidence and inclusion. 






Florida’s So Delightful

Oh the weather outside is frightful,
But Florida's so delightful,
As the Seminoles say hello,
We'll let him go! Let him go! Let him go!

Well, we can't control the weather,
And the storms all run together
On the Colorado plateau;
Too much snow!  Too much snow!  Too much snow!

            Oh, he sent us a little note
            to explain and let us all know
            that he just couldn't miss this boat
            Should he stay or should he go.....?

Oh, the fire inside is cracking,
while Eric's busy packing.
Since it's ten degrees below -
We'll let him go, let him go, let him go!

The re-org is slowly ending,
And the labs, they're still a-mending,
So as long as it's not a typo,
We'll miss him so! Miss him so! Miss him so!

            When we finally say Good-Bye
            How we hate to have him resign
            But as back to the East he flies
            We'll sing about him one more time....

Well, we hear he's missed the students
and we hope it won't show imprudence
to wish him the best you know...
Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio!

Too much snow!  Too much snow!  Too much snow!
We'll let him go, let him go, let him go!
We'll miss him so! Miss him so! Miss him so!