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Staff working at the Mesa Lab might think they’re above it all—literally, that is—when they look down on Boulder from their stone towers in the Flatirons. But the NCAR award

Raj Pandya

Raj Pandya
Director, SOARS (Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science) and UCAR Community Building Program

In a forest outside Colorado Springs, a group of researchers is investigating how forests impact weather and air quality.

It’s an insecure world out there, with financial meltdowns and rising fuel and food prices—not to mention a warming climate. If there’s a bike in the back of your garage collecting

Cindy Halley Gotway
Cindy Halley Gotway is a graphic designer for Web and print, working on projects such as brochures, posters, logos, exhibit booth materials, report covers, and Web development. She likes the creative aspects of the job, coming up with new layouts and designs, and enjoys helping people achieve what they're looking for.

We all know about the excellent research activities underway across UCAR/NCAR. Not only are our scientists on the forefront of research, but we also provide support for models and facilities that serve the UCAR community.


More than 200 solar scientists met at NCAR during the week of September 29 to discuss how recent observations and leading-edge computer models are producing breakthroughs in understanding the Sun.

While many Americans gazed anxiously toward the Atlantic Ocean in recent weeks, watching hurricanes stream our way, several dozen staff from EOL and ESSL/MMM kept their eyes on the Pacific.

In August, the UK’s University of Manchester opened a brand new facility named after ESSL/MMM scientist John Latham. Latham Laboratories, located in the Simon Engineering Building at the university’s Centre for

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Foreign visitors are hardly a rarity at NCAR and UOP, but it’s not every day that a meeting draws 27 participants from 24 countries.