Staff News

In March, NCAR announced that Peter Backlund was selected as the first director of the organization’s new Integrated Science Program (ISP).

Over the next year, UCAR and NCAR will celebrate their 50th anniversaries (1959 for UCAR, 1960 for NCAR). Activities for staff, members, and the public will be spread out over the next two years.

Project BudBurst, in which thousands of volunteers nationwide track climate change by recording the timing of flowering, leafing, and other plant life cycle events, has launched its 2009 field campaign.

In early March, NCAR announced the selection of Denver-based H+L Architecture and California Data Center Design Group (CDCDG) to lead the design of the new supercomputing center in Cheyenne.

Iraqi scientists make landmark visit


New courses from COMET will help professionals, students, and the public learn more about drought, tropical meteorology, environmental monitoring.

The Community Climate System Model has received a 2009 Colorado Governor's Award for its research impact on climate science.

Ethan Davis
Ethan Davis has been a software engineer in Unidata for 12 years. Unidata’s main focus is on distributing real-time weather data to the research and university community. His main focus is on various protocols that are developing in the Earth science community to allow users to access scientific data over the Web.

The concept of harnessing the wind’s energy is hardly new—Egyptian vases from 3,500 B.C.E. depict ships under sail. Still, wind is among the most difficult weather variables to forecast.

Last fall, Morris Weisman took a leave for three and a half months, trading his daily routine in ESSL/MMMM for the University at Albany, State University of New York