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Jaclyn Jackson
Jaclyn Jackson is an administrative assistant for ACD, helping whoever comes her way. She arranges a lot of travel, sets up seminars and meetings, and does other miscellaneous administrative things. She likes learning about the scientists’ projects - and travel.

On April 21, Lafayette-based photojournalist James Balog visited the Mesa Lab to present glacier images from his Extreme Ice Survey. The presentation was part of ESSL/CGD’s seminar series.

Hiring managers and job applicants now have a user-friendly, streamlined method for connecting with each other. This spring, HR began implementing the applicant tracking software OpenHire across the organization.

On April 1, Bill Kuo (COSMIC) took the reins of the Developmental Testbed Center, a Boulder-based joint effort between NCAR and NOAA.

In April, the Security Engineering Group, which helps safeguard UCAR/NCAR’s shared computing infrastructure, unveiled a new security website.

On April 22, Unidata staff traded data management for trash collection, scouring the creek corridor behind FL4. “We thought it would be a nice contribution for Earth Day,” says Tina Campbell. The volunteers filled ten bags of

NASA scientist James Hansen made a plea for concern and action on climate change—and offered his latest prediction on global temperature—in a UCAR-sponsored talk on April 9. Hansen delivered this year’s Walter Orr Roberts

April 7, 2009 | When the movie Twister became a global blockbuster in 1996, researchers had just completed two seasons of real-life chasing in the world’s largest ever tornado study.

Researchers head to Arctic, jet around the Pacific

About the same time of year that many people head to warmer climes, a group of researchers is hunkered down in northern Alaska.


Greg Holland

Greg Holland