Staff News

Zhenya Gallon

Whether tweeting, blogging, or friending, these days it seems nearly everyone is into social networking—not just during off hours, but as a way to improve work—related interac­tions as well.

Rachel Hauser
Rachel Hauser is a research relations specialist in the NCAR Director's Office. Her job consists of a lot of outreach, both internally within the organization's different groups and externally to other scientific organizations, poten­tial partners, and our funders and stakeholders. It's important to let people know what we're doing and how we use their tax money or funds they provide.

In early September, UCAR passed the Open Access Policy, heralding in a new era of community access to our scholarship.

A new NCAR initiative, Technology Innovation Forum (TIF), is poised to take off this fall. Co-chairs Dirk Richter and Scott Spuler (both EOL) will present more details and solicit feedback on October 8 at 10 a.m. in the FL2 Auditorium.

Nine eager journalists will arrive at NCAR on August 17 for the second annual NCAR Journalism Fellowship.

On July 24, a group of SOARS protégés partnered with EO’s Sandra Henderson to present a miniature science fair to schoolchildren at Longmont’s Casa de la Esperanza, a housing development for immigrant families.

Cathy Clark
Cathy Clark works as staff manager for JOSS. She assigns and monitors work that comes in from funders—NOAA and NSF. She supervises seven administrative assistants and event planners, takes care of issues that come up ,and answers questions for staff so they can get back to the funders.

More than three million people around the world fly on commercial aircraft every day.

Maura Hagan

Summer in Boulder speaks to me in cool mornings and hot afternoons, in the buzz of riders on the bike paths and hummingbirds and bees in my garden, and in the influx of faces, some new and many familiar, that I see in the hallways, meeting rooms,