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On Saturday, June 5, UCAR/NCAR will open the doors of three campuses from 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. for an open house in conjunction with the organization's 50th anniversary.

From March 3–16, schoolchildren, parents, and teachers will gaze upward at the night skies as part of GLOBE at Night.

 In honor of UCAR/NCAR's 50th anniversary this year, the NCAR Library and UCP's Digital Learning Sciences have together launched a Citation Showcase that contains a nearly complete co

Although English is typically considered the international language of science, it's hardly the only language heard in the offices, hallways, and cafeterias of UCAR/NCAR, and it's not necessarily what staff

Peggy LeMone

To mark the 50th anniversary of UCAR and NCAR, Staff Notes will feature occasional articles this year on the organization's rich history. Here, Margaret "Peggy" LeMone outlines the progress of women scientists since the 1970s.

Last year, HAO scientist Phil Judge undertook the role of NCAR's Science Advisorand survived to tell the tale.

NCAR's Workforce Management Plan, a work in progress for the past year, was released at the end of 2009.

NCAR has announced its next director. Roger Wakimoto, who currently heads EOL, takes the helm on February 1.

Two people in front of a display of planet Earth

Hundreds of schoolkids got a taste of atmospheric science with the help of EO staff and SOARS protégés at the American Meteorological Society's WeatherFest event in Atlanta on January 17.

Did you notice the truck and generator at UCAR's newest building in December and wonder what was going on?