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In late July, Logistics Operations bid farewell to the Mesa Lab and moved into new digs at Center Green 3.

For current information about construction on the Mesa Lab road through late October, visit Building Maintenance and Closures.

The organization's golden anniversary hit a high point this month with two major gatherings: an in-house party and a public open house.

The institution throws open its doors

Staff across UCAR/NCAR are in the process of sorting through boxes and boxes of records—some that haven’t been opened in years—held in the organization’s symbolic attic: Iron Mountain, a storage facility located in Denver.

What if all projects could come in under budget, improve functionality, and have strong conservation credentials?

NCAR's Advanced Study Program (ASP) has a new director: Chris Davis.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, nothing shows how UCAR/NCAR has and hasn’t changed over the years like a glimpse at a half-century's worth of photos.

Rick Anthes

It is often said that people are any organization’s most important asset. This is most certainly true in UCAR and NCAR’s case, and it is important to take this occasion of our 50th anniversary to remind ourselves of this truism.

It’s nothing fancy—a typed, spiral-bound report from the late 1950s with a simple blue cover. But the 300-page document, nicknamed the NCAR Blue Book, carries nearly mythical status when it comes to the organization’s history.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary, we asked all current staff who were hired in the 1960s to comment on what has—or hasn’t—changed at UCAR/NCAR over the decades, and to share some memories and stories about the organization’s early days.