Staff News

Rumors of the discontinuation of the Delphi Service found their way to the Staff Notes office. We’d like to clarify that these rumors are exactly that—rumors—as Delphi is alive and well.

On October 5, the UCAR Board of Trustees surprised Rick Anthes and 400 other attendees at the organization’s 50th anniversary dinner by announcing a new name for 3375 Mitchell Lane: the Anthes Building.

A cross section of UCAR/NCAR retirees, veteran staff, and university faculty converge

A new round of online, interactive educational modules from COMET’s MetEd program covers a variety of geophysical phenomena for professionals, students, and science enthusiasts.

Flat tire? Don’t sweat it. A handful of staff gathered on October 28 outside Foothills Lab to learn how to keep flats from making them late to work.

On October 15, President Obama named senior scientist Warren Washington (NESL/CGD) as one of 10 eminent researchers to be awarded the National Medal of Science for 2010.

Veterans in the Denver-Boulder area had a chance to meet local employers and learn about veterans’ benefits at Center Green on October 19.

Two nationally recognized artists, Kim Abeles and Brian Collier, will pay a visit to UCAR/NCAR this fall as part of "Visualizing Science: Informing through Arts and Science Collaborations."

Reta Lorenz
Reta Lorenz has been ACD’s division administrator since 2005. She’s worked at UCAR/NCAR since 1992 in a variety of roles, first as a budget analyst followed by stints in sponsored agreements and ATD (now EOL).