January 26, 2010 | NCAR has announced its next director. Roger Wakimoto, who currently heads EOL, takes the helm on February 1. "I am both excited and honored to take on the challenge of building on the organization's expertise and leading it in new and potentially exciting direc­tions," Roger says. "NCAR is in a strong position to help meet the nation's growing demand for research into weather and climate change."
January 27, 2010 | Hundreds of schoolkids got a taste of atmospheric science with the help of EO staff and SOARS protégés at the American Meteorological Society's WeatherFest event in Atlanta on January 17. Held at the start of each AMS annual meeting, WeatherFest brings weather and climate science to people of all ages through games, displays, and hands-on demonstrations. 
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January 19, 2010 | Did you notice the truck and generator at UCAR's newest building in December and wonder what was going on? UCAR contracted with Major Geothermal to conduct tests on whether the ground below 3375 Mitchell Lane is well suited for installing a geothermal heat pump, one of the most efficient technologies now available for heating and cooling. The building at this location was acquired by UCAR in June 2009 and is being remodeled over the next year.
January 11, 2010 | In December, EOL's Research Aviation Facility achieved the Gold Standard in Federal Aviation, a voluntary self-certification for agencies that make a commitment to aviation safety. Only nine out of 51 federally funded entities that are eligible have been awarded the honor. "We've had a very good safety record over the years and the goal is to continually improve," says Steve Thompson, RAF's aviation safety officer. "We're hoping to set the standard for small aviation programs."
January 6, 2010 | The year 2010 is shaping up as a time to celebrate, reflect, and take stock. Not only is it UCAR/NCAR's 50th anniversary, but it also marks HAO's 60th anniversary, Unidata's 25th, and COMET's 20th. A series of receptions, talks, parties, and other commemorative events will unfold over the coming year. A complete itinerary is available online, along with historical information, an open discussion, and more.
December 15, 2009 | In late November, F&A announced a new department, Facilities Management and Sustainability (FM&S), which includes Physical Plant Services, the sustainability efforts in SaSS, and the space management activities in Business Services.
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December 15, 2009 | Staff celebrated the holidays and each other's accomplishments at the 2009 UCAR Awards Ceremony and Holiday Party, held at Center Green on December 11. Sizzle String Band.
December 10, 2009 | On December 11, UCAR announced that Eric Barron will step down as NCAR director to assume the presidency of Florida State University. "While it is difficult to leave NCAR, I am extremely gratified and honored to return to my alma mater and serve as its next president," says Eric, who received a B.S. in geology from FSU in 1973.
November 16, 2009 | World leaders, diplomats, policy makers, scientists, activists, and others, including participants from UCAR/NCAR, will con­vene in Copenhagen, Denmark, on December 7–18 for a United Nations-sponsored conference on climate change. With stakes high and global emissions still growing, ministers and officials from an estimated 192 countries will attempt to negotiate a new framework for climate change mitigation and adaptation.
October 27, 2009 | Staff, founders, partners, and collaborators from around the country gathered at Center Green on October 15–16 to celebrate Unidata's accomplishments over the past quarter century and look ahead to the future.
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