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It's been a noticeably dry and gusty fall and winter thus far along the Front Range, with wildfires, wind storms, and wave clouds filling the skies.

Greg Meymaris
Greg Meymaris is a mathematician working as a software engineer in a place that does atmospheric research. His area of expertise is turbulence and radar. The project he's been working on longest is an algorithm that goes onto commercial aircraft, senses turbulence, and radios down that information.
Becca Hatheway

Editor’s note: Becca became EO’s exhibits coordinator in December 2010, succeeding Linda Carbone.


A new study from NESL/CGD makes it hard to ever see a shattered drinking glass the same way.


Researchers who use Google Earth, the virtual globe, map, and geographical information program, just got a boost from the company, which has granted UCAR/NCAR a number of free Google Earth Pro licenses for use by staff.

Staff who fly the friendly skies can also now fly the open skies. Due to a recent change in federal regulations, UCAR can take advantage of “Open Skies” agreements that allow for travel using government funds on some foreign air carriers.

As part of the UCAR/NCAR’s 50th anniversary celebrations, a time capsule centered on the theme “What was life like in 2010 at UCAR/NCAR?” has been filled with more than 90 items that provide a snapshot of the organization.


Staff rang in the holidays and celebrated each other's accomplishments at the 2010 UCAR Awards Ceremony and Holiday Party, held at Center Green on December 10.


On September 6, the Boulder County Communications Center received a radio call at about 10:00 a.m.

The Mesa Mile construction project, which ran from early August through early November, was nearly as smooth as the new asphalt that’s now on the road.