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The NCAR Diversity Committee, formed in 2008, is taking an active role in funding proposals that enhance diversity at UCAR/NCAR.

Hundreds of guests will visit UCAR/NCAR in the coming weeks as the landscape greens and the institution’s education and outreach activities gear up.

On February 25, UCAR president Rick Anthes announced in an all-staff email message that he would step down in December.


Imagine that you’re about to send a foreign colleague a link to download a data set on which the two of you are collaborating.

Local solar scientists will have a chance to meet and share research on instrumentation, observations, models, and more on March 18, when HAO hosts the sixth annual Boulder Solar Day in the CG1 auditorium.

Construction of the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center (NWSC) is now more than 50% complete, with contractors currently working extensively inside the facility on the installation of complex mechanical and e


It's been a noticeably dry and gusty fall and winter thus far along the Front Range, with wildfires, wind storms, and wave clouds filling the skies.

Greg Meymaris
Greg Meymaris is a mathematician working as a software engineer in a place that does atmospheric research. His area of expertise is turbulence and radar. The project he's been working on longest is an algorithm that goes onto commercial aircraft, senses turbulence, and radios down that information.
Becca Hatheway

Editor’s note: Becca became EO’s exhibits coordinator in December 2010, succeeding Linda Carbone.


A new study from NESL/CGD makes it hard to ever see a shattered drinking glass the same way.