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Thin, wispy cloud above FL4.Peggy LeMone (NESL/MMM) has always loved clouds.

Bruce sitting next to lidar equipment
Lab: EOL | Job Title: Associate Scientist | Years at NCAR: 19 | Fun Fact: Brews his own beer

RAL’s new home is taking shape at the Foothills campus in the new Anthes Building. The remodel that’s under way is part of UCAR’s long-term strategic plan for space needs.

Matt McMullen sitting at a desk.

Last fall, the Boulder community and UCAR/NCAR staff watched nervously as the Fourmile Fire tore through the foothills outside town. Two of our staff lost homes in the blaze, and a number were evacuated.

In late May, the components of a new public exhibit will begin to appear at the Mesa Lab. Sun-Earth Connections, a joint project between EO and HAO, will be located on the lab’s mezzanine opposite the Main Seminar Room.


It’s a daunting itinerary that unfortunately does not come with frequent flier miles: Boulder-Anchorage-Northern Polar Regions-Hawaii-American Samoa-New Zealand-Southern Polar Regions-Australia-Saipan-Midway Island-Anchorage-Northern Polar Regions-

Getting around town, and between our organization's sites, gets easier this spring with the advent of Boulder B-cycle.

Change is afoot in UCAR Communications with the arrival of new director Matt Hirschland in early June.


Construction of the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center (NWSC) is full speed ahead, with contractors currently working extensively inside the facility on the installation of complex mechanical and electrical systems.


“I had some spare time,” jokes Krista Laursen (CISL) when asked what inspired her to pursue a doctor of business administration degree while simultaneously working as project director for the NCAR–Wyoming Supercomputing Center.