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With the recent clouds parting conveniently for a day, staff gathered at Center Green on May 13 to celebrate Spring Fling, the annual all-staff party sponsored by the Employee Activities Committee.


Thin, wispy cloud above FL4.Peggy LeMone (NESL/MMM) has always loved clouds.

Bruce sitting next to lidar equipment
Lab: EOL | Job Title: Associate Scientist | Years at NCAR: 19 | Fun Fact: Brews his own beer

RAL’s new home is taking shape at the Foothills campus in the new Anthes Building. The remodel that’s under way is part of UCAR’s long-term strategic plan for space needs.

Matt McMullen sitting at a desk.

Last fall, the Boulder community and UCAR/NCAR staff watched nervously as the Fourmile Fire tore through the foothills outside town. Two of our staff lost homes in the blaze, and a number were evacuated.

In late May, the components of a new public exhibit will begin to appear at the Mesa Lab. Sun-Earth Connections, a joint project between EO and HAO, will be located on the lab’s mezzanine opposite the Main Seminar Room.


It’s a daunting itinerary that unfortunately does not come with frequent flier miles: Boulder-Anchorage-Northern Polar Regions-Hawaii-American Samoa-New Zealand-Southern Polar Regions-Australia-Saipan-Midway Island-Anchorage-Northern Polar Regions-

Getting around town, and between our organization's sites, gets easier this spring with the advent of Boulder B-cycle.

Change is afoot in UCAR Communications with the arrival of new director Matt Hirschland in early June.


Construction of the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center (NWSC) is full speed ahead, with contractors currently working extensively inside the facility on the installation of complex mechanical and electrical systems.