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It’s a daunting itinerary that unfortunately does not come with frequent flier miles: Boulder-Anchorage-Northern Polar Regions-Hawaii-American Samoa-New Zealand-Southern Polar Regions-Australia-Saipan-Midway Island-Anchorage-Northern Polar Regions-

Getting around town, and between our organization's sites, gets easier this spring with the advent of Boulder B-cycle.

Change is afoot in UCAR Communications with the arrival of new director Matt Hirschland in early June.


Construction of the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center (NWSC) is full speed ahead, with contractors currently working extensively inside the facility on the installation of complex mechanical and electrical systems.


“I had some spare time,” jokes Krista Laursen (CISL) when asked what inspired her to pursue a doctor of business administration degree while simultaneously working as project director for the NCAR–Wyoming Supercomputing Center.

Jeff Kiehl

Editor’s note: In February, the newly formed UCAR Climate Council held its first meeting. In this Guest Column, the council’s chair, Jeff Kiehl, and vice chair, Jack Fellows, discuss what inspired the council and its first steps.

Adrianne Middleton
Lab/Division: NESL/CGD | Job Title: Software engineer | Years at NCAR: 23 | Fun Fact: Got married in the Mesa Lab’s Damon Room

The GPS-based satellite observing system known as COSMIC will celebrate its fifth anniversary on April 15.

The NCAR Diversity Committee, formed in 2008, is taking an active role in funding proposals that enhance diversity at UCAR/NCAR.

Hundreds of guests will visit UCAR/NCAR in the coming weeks as the landscape greens and the institution’s education and outreach activities gear up.