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In early May, UCAR’s Measuring Up conference brought more than 150 attendees to Center Green. This year’s theme was “Outside the Box! Why Innovation Is More Crucial in Challenging Times.”

As a property assistant in F&A's Budget & Finance office, Chris Knoetgen got used to seeing a steady stream of used desktop computers, laptops, and other office technology headed for the recycling bin.

Nathan Hearn (CISL) passed away after a long illness on February 14.

In his three years at NCAR, Nathan touched the lives of his coworkers with his personable manner and professional skills.

The Foothills branch of the NCAR Library has lost its familiar face and driving force with the passing of Leslie Forehand, who died on February 16 after battling ovarian cancer.

On February 7, approximately 60 staff gathered at the Mesa Lab to watch eight 5-minute presentations on forward-thinking ideas involving science communications and education.

On January 16, the UCAR community was saddened to hear that Andy Tasker, director of the GLOBE Program, passed away after a brief illness.

Kevin Manning
Lab/Division: NESL/MMM | Job title: Associate Scientist | Years at NCAR: 20 | Fun Fact: Told his family when he was 8 years old that he’d live in Colorado some day
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Katy Ginger with two of her crocheted toys
Programs: DLS, NSDL, NCAR Library | Job Title: Software Engineer | Years at UCAR: 15 | Fun Fact: Took first place in the 2007 Up-the-Hill bike race
Tom Bogdan

An old friend returns to UCAR/NCAR in early 2012. Tom Bogdan came to the organization nearly 30 years ago as a postdoctoral researcher in HAO. On January 9, he’ll take the helm as president of UCAR.