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On January 16, the UCAR community was saddened to hear that Andy Tasker, director of the GLOBE Program, passed away after a brief illness.

Kevin Manning
Lab/Division: NESL/MMM | Job title: Associate Scientist | Years at NCAR: 20 | Fun Fact: Told his family when he was 8 years old that he’d live in Colorado some day
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Katy Ginger with two of her crocheted toys
Programs: DLS, NSDL, NCAR Library | Job Title: Software Engineer | Years at UCAR: 15 | Fun Fact: Took first place in the 2007 Up-the-Hill bike race
Tom Bogdan

An old friend returns to UCAR/NCAR in early 2012. Tom Bogdan came to the organization nearly 30 years ago as a postdoctoral researcher in HAO. On January 9, he’ll take the helm as president of UCAR.

Rick Anthes

In early January, Rick Anthes will step down after more than 23 years as UCAR president.

Vanda Grubisic

When I came to NCAR this summer from the University of Vienna to assume the EOL directorship, it definitely felt like homecoming.

The annual Super Science Saturday event, held in late October, had a new twist for 2011: teeth, claws, and tusks.


On Monday, August 15, about 130 staff who used to show up for work at Foothills Lab 4 headed across the street to the Anthes Building (FLA), where they entered a fully “green” building that features advanced energy efficiency technologies wit

Andy Tasker

When I started work at UCAR in early June as the new director of the GLOBE Program, I knew that it would be a busy and exciting time.