Our People

Scott Landolt
Scott Landolt started working at NCAR as a student assistant in 1996, while studying meteorology at Metropolitan State College of Denver. He’s now an associate scientist who wears many hats, working on everything from winter weather to cloud seeding to managing the Marshall Field Site, while still finding time to chase storms each spring.
Wes Wildcat
Wes Wildcat knows how to change with the times. He came to NCAR nearly 34 years ago to work in the print shop. When the unit folded eight years later, he spent 10 years in the now-defunct computer graphics department, putting data onto 35-millimeter film and microfiche. After that technology was phased out and the film room closed, Wes moved into CISL’s Network Engineering & Telecommunications Section (NETS), where his current job title is network technician.
Ben Sanderson
A climate physicist by training, Ben is a postdoctoral researcher in CGD's Climate Change Research Section. He came to NCAR about two years ago from the University of Oxford, where he worked on climateprediction.net, a distributed computing project to predict Earth's future climate and test the accuracy of climate models. In CGD, he's looking at the range of responses to greenhouse gas forcing that result from perturbing model parameters.
Rachel Hauser
Rachel Hauser is a research relations specialist in the NCAR Director's Office. Her job consists of a lot of outreach, both internally within the organization's different groups and externally to other scientific organizations, poten­tial partners, and our funders and stakeholders. It's important to let people know what we're doing and how we use their tax money or funds they provide.
Cathy Clark
Cathy Clark works as staff manager for JOSS. She assigns and monitors work that comes in from funders—NOAA and NSF. She supervises seven administrative assistants and event planners, takes care of issues that come up ,and answers questions for staff so they can get back to the funders.
Dick Friesen
Dick Friesen was the project engineer starting in 2002 on the NSF/NCAR HIAPER aircraft. That was a full-time job until HIAPER was delivered in 2005. It involved taking what they call a “green” airplane, which is the way it comes off the production line, and modifying it for use as a scientific research aircraft. I went to a casual appointment about the time of T-REX [the Terrain-Induced Rotor Experiment in 2006], HIAPER’s first big field project.
Jaclyn Jackson
Jaclyn Jackson is an administrative assistant for ACD, helping whoever comes her way. She arranges a lot of travel, sets up seminars and meetings, and does other miscellaneous administrative things. She likes learning about the scientists’ projects - and travel.
Jenny Black
Jenny Black is an associate scientist working on three different projects right now. Days that she's not in the office might find her riding snowmobiles in Wyoming to check gauges for a cloud-seeding project, or out at NCAR's Marshall field site [south of Boulder]. Back in the office, she's probably writing programs or plotting data and conducting some sort of analysis.
Ethan Davis
Ethan Davis has been a software engineer in Unidata for 12 years. Unidata’s main focus is on distributing real-time weather data to the research and university community. His main focus is on various protocols that are developing in the Earth science community to allow users to access scientific data over the Web.
Cindy Halley Gotway
Cindy Halley Gotway is a graphic designer for Web and print, working on projects such as brochures, posters, logos, exhibit booth materials, report covers, and Web development. She likes the creative aspects of the job, coming up with new layouts and designs, and enjoys helping people achieve what they're looking for.