Our People

Irfan Elahi, supercomputer installation project manager
April 7, 2016 | Irfan Elahi is the project manager overseeing the installation of our newest supercomputers – first Yellowstone and now Cheyenne. The section head in NCAR's Computational and Information Systems Laboratory (CISL) didn't set out to become an expert on building, deploying, and maintaining large, high-performance computing systems.
NCAR scientist Julie Demuth
On June 3, 1980, seven tornadoes touched down in or near Grand Island, Nebraska, killing five people and injuring 200. Julie Demuth, now a project scientist in NCAR's Mesoscale & Microscale Meteorology Lab, was 2 years old at the time. While she doesn't remember that night, the events made an indelible impression.
Paula Fisher
Paula Fisher says it took her only one student teaching stint to learn that secondary school teaching wasn't for her. So the current administrator for NCAR's Advanced Study Program (ASP) took another path. "My skills got me here, and I love it here," she says today.
Kevin Manning
Lab/Division: NESL/MMM | Job title: Associate Scientist | Years at NCAR: 20 | Fun Fact: Told his family when he was 8 years old that he’d live in Colorado some day
Katy Ginger with two of her crocheted toys
Programs: DLS, NSDL, NCAR Library | Job Title: Software Engineer | Years at UCAR: 15 | Fun Fact: Took first place in the 2007 Up-the-Hill bike race
Kim Agado
Lab: RAL | Job Title: Division Property Administrator | Years at NCAR: 4 | Fun Fact: Is a fan of Zumba, the Latin American dance fitness program
Bruce sitting next to lidar equipment
Lab: EOL | Job Title: Associate Scientist | Years at NCAR: 19 | Fun Fact: Brews his own beer
Adrianne Middleton
Lab/Division: NESL/CGD | Job Title: Software engineer | Years at NCAR: 23 | Fun Fact: Got married in the Mesa Lab’s Damon Room
Greg Meymaris
Greg Meymaris is a mathematician working as a software engineer in a place that does atmospheric research. His area of expertise is turbulence and radar. The project he's been working on longest is an algorithm that goes onto commercial aircraft, senses turbulence, and radios down that information.
Reta Lorenz
Reta Lorenz has been ACD’s division administrator since 2005. She’s worked at UCAR/NCAR since 1992 in a variety of roles, first as a budget analyst followed by stints in sponsored agreements and ATD (now EOL).