Profile - Jaclyn Jackson

Traveler and pet lover

Jaclyn Jackson

In Random Profile, we interview a stochastically selected staff member about his or her life at the office—and outside of it.

Staff Notes: You’ve been part of ACD for about a year and a half. Tell me about your job.

Jaclyn: I’m an administrative assistant. I help whoever comes my way. I usually arrange a lot of travel. I set up seminars and meetings, and do other miscellaneous administrative things.

SN: What do you like best about your job?

Jaclyn: I like learning about the scientists’ projects. I set up a lot of travel for them to go to different places, so it’s interesting to see why they’re going there. I’ve worked on a lot of travel for ARCTAS [Arctic Research on the Composition of the Troposphere from Aircraft and Satellites], and I’m closing up a big workshop held in Sweden. Maybe one day they’ll take me with.

SN: Sounds like you like to travel.

Jaclyn: I love traveling.

SN: Let’s come back to that later. What is most challenging about your job?

Jaclyn: Travel can be challenging when workshops include participants from other states—it can be difficult to get ahold of the participants to help arrange the trip and to close out the trip.

SN: How did you come to work at NCAR?

Jaclyn: My husband, David Allbee, works at Jeffco as an electronics technician, so he kept me informed of job openings. NCAR is a very good organization to work for, so I’m grateful I got the job. I hope to grow with the organization and be one of those people who gets to celebrate their years here.

Jaclyn Jackson

SN: Tell me about your life outside work.

Jaclyn: I don’t have much of one right now [laughing]. We have two daughters: a three-year-old, Cayla, and Madysen, who’s one. There’s so much running around with the girls that I guess you could say they are my life outside work. They are definitely handfuls. My parents live in Littleton, so they watch the girls sometimes. When we don’t have the girls around, we sleep, kick back, relax, and enjoy the quiet time.

SN: How about pets?

Jaclyn: Two dogs—Karma, a coonhound, and Hailey, a vizsla. They’re female, so my husband is surrounded by girls. We had two cats, but my parents now have them. With two kids and two dogs and a husband, it was too much to handle. I’ll stick with the dogs for now, who tend to be handfuls themselves sometimes, but I eventually hope to have many more animals.

SN: You obviously like animals.

Jaclyn: I studied zoology at Colorado State University. I thought I was going to go to vet school, but then I worked at a vet clinic for a bit and didn’t care for it too much. I really like animals but would rather just keep it at that.

SN: What are some of your other interests?

Jaclyn: I love to travel and would like to start that up again. I traveled a lot in high school—Greece, Turkey, Australia, and Africa. The trips were through school. I wasn’t an exchange student but went for summer trips, which were never long enough.

SN: Where would you like to go on your next trip?

Jaclyn: Probably Italy first, because my husband lived there for three years. But I want to go anywhere and everywhere. It would be so much fun.

SN: You mentioned that your parents live in Littleton. Did you grow up in Colorado?

Jaclyn: I did—I was born in Colorado, moved around a lot with my family, to New Jersey and California to name a few places, and have been back in Colorado since third grade.