Profile - Cindy Halley Gotway

Graphics, chickens, and skis

Cindy Halley Gotway

In Random Profile, we interview a stochastically selected staff member about his or her life at the office—and outside of it.

Staff Notes: Tell us about your job, Cindy.

Cindy: I’m a graphic designer. I work on Web and print design projects, such as brochures, posters, logos, exhibit booth materials, report covers, and Web development. One fun project I’m working on right now is a series of new RAL signs to hang up in FL2.

SN: What do you like best about your job?

Cindy: The creative aspect. I like coming up with new layouts and designs, which is why projects like report covers and these signs are fun for me—they’re usually more open-ended and creative. People around here are great and I like helping them. It’s definitely a service job—people come to us with all different requests and it’s fun to help them achieve what they’re looking for.

SN: What’s most challenging about your job?

Cindy: When there are hard-and-fast deadlines, it can be tricky. Right now we have two exhibits coming up that have to ship at the end of the month and there’s no wiggle room.

SN: Let’s talk about life outside work. Where did you grow up?

Cindy: I was born in Missouri but grew up in Omaha.

SN: Based on the photos adorning your office walls, it looks like you have a toddler. It also appears that you have another on the way sometime soon.

Cindy: Otis is a fun, busy two and a half year old. And our second is due December 10.

Cindy Halley Gotway

SN: Are you expecting a boy or girl?

Cindy: We decided to be surprised, though both John and I are chomping at the bit to know. It’s fun, but we really just want to know.

SN: Your husband, John Halley Gotway, works in RAL as well, correct?

Cindy: Yes, he’s a software engineer in the Developmental Testbed Center.

SN: What is it like to work at the same organization as your spouse?

Cindy: Our jobs don’t overlap too much. Maybe once or twice a year I do something for him or his group and work directly with him, and that’s fun. Also, it’s nice that we get to eat lunch together—with one toddler and a baby coming, it’s hard to find time to spend together.

SN: And you get to carpool to work together, too. Where do you live?

Cindy: Just west of Longmont. We have an acre and a half, so we have chickens, two dogs, and a garden. We’ve talked about goats but we haven’t done it yet. Maybe when the kids get bigger and can help out more.

SN: Are you from a rural background?

Cindy: I was born on a farm in Missouri, while John’s a total city slicker. My grandparents had a farm and we went there all the time, so I have a lot of fond memories. When we were looking for a house, I thought, “Let’s try to get a house with some land so we can get some animals.” Both of us are learning how to take care of the chickens.

SN: Are you getting eggs?

Cindy: Too many! We started out with four chickens and somehow we ended up with 14. We have tons of eggs—blue, white, brown ones.

SN: What brought you to Boulder?

Cindy: I’ve always loved Colorado and the Rockies. I remember hearing about NCAR when I was in college and what a great place it is to work. John’s position as a software engineer got us out here, and very shortly after there was an opening for a graphic designer.

SN: Any other hobbies?

Cindy: We love downhill skiing. We usually ski at Winter Park. I also love to hike and camp, though it all gets harder with kids. But, it won’t be long until we’ll be doing more of it with them. I also really enjoy yoga. I’ve been practicing for about eight years.

SN: If you weren’t a graphic designer, what would you do?

Cindy: I’ve thought about religious studies. I’m really interested in spirituality and the impact it has on people and society, and how it influences people’s decisions. I enjoy learning about the spiritual beliefs and traditions surrounding different cultures.