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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Why was the flag at the Mesa Lab flying at half-staff on April 5 th ? If it
was in response to the Roman Catholic Pope's death, wouldn't this be
considered violation of the separation of church and state and/or of UCAR
policies? I don't recall it being acceptable for any person to impose
his/her religious beliefs on others, and I believe this is specifically
prohibited by UCAR policy. Flying the flag at half-staff after the Pope's
death is an implicit endorsement of Roman Catholicism that I find offensive.

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Monday, February 7, 2005

I work in FL3 and with the construction of FL0, parking has become
challenging. Often it's dicey to leave the parking lot during the day, as
chances are good there won't be a space when you return (especially on bad
weather days). I see that a new small sign has been posted that states the
lot is for UCAR employees and visitors only and that all others will be
towed. Several of us have noticed numerous Wild Oats folks parking in our
lot on a regular basis. While I appreciate their parking predicament, I

Question #:
Answered on:
Friday, January 14, 2005

Staff are reimbursed for a number of travel-related expenses and may
qualify for reimbursement for family dependent care, yet I recently learned
staff members required to travel for extended periods of time cannot be
reimbursed for dependent pet care. For some, the only option is to board a
dependent pet while working away from home, yet there appears to be no
means for even partial reimbursement of these costs. For many, pets are
their family and this does not seem equitable.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I am involved in a large, international, multidivisional project at UCAR.
The project involves long international flights. Employees of certain
divisions always make the long flights in business class, while those from
another division always go economy class, ostensibly to save money (even
though the project has budgeted for business class fares). However, the
employees being inconvenienced do not benefit from this saving of money.
Why doesn't UCAR have a consistent, nondiscriminatory policy regarding
class of service?

Question #:
Answered on:
Thursday, November 11, 2004

Recently the CG1 cafeteria closed for remodeling and a small cafeteria
opened in the CG4 break room. Several pictures of a half-clad person
decorate the walls in the form of "Quiet – Baby Sleeping" signs. I find
these photos to be disrespectful and inappropriate in the workplace. I'm
wondering if other employees share my concern and what can be done about
these photos.

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Answered on:
Thursday, November 11, 2004

Recently, a co-worker of mine was eating in an out-of-town restaurant when
someone made off with her purse. In addition to the usual hassles of
dealing with lost credit cards, driver's license, etc., my coworker began
worrying that the thief might see her CIGNA health insurance card-which
contained her Social Security number. Unfortunately, once someone knows
your Social Security number, they can use it to commit fraud and other
crimes. For that reason, most credit card companies and the Colorado Motor

Question #:
Answered on:
Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I would appreciate a detailed explanation of the "overhead tax" imposed on
computer equipment purchases at UCAR. I understand that there is a 50% tax
on computer purchases less than $5,000. Where does that money go? I heard a
rumor that it was being used to purchase home systems for F&A employees.

Because of the tax, purchasers typically load up computers with unnecessary
extras (big screens, speakers, etc.) so that the cost exceeds $5,000. This
is getting hard to do now that computers are relatively cheap. When totaled

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Answered on:
Thursday, September 23, 2004

There is a flyer in the elevator in FL-2 for the sale of some coupon books
for an organization called Ongoing Ambassadors for Christ. The flyer
includes a logo of a hand holding a cross. Doesn't this violate UCAR policy
regarding religious organizations advertising on UCAR premises?

Question #:
Answered on:
Friday, September 17, 2004

Several people have noticed recently that the custodial staff is emptying
our recycle bins directly into the trash. This seems to violate UCAR Policy
1-1-22 regarding UCAR's commitment to conserving natural resources. Is it
indeed the case that we have abandoned the recycling of paper and, if so,
why? If it has been deemed necessary to do this, is there a place, or could
a place be designated, at each site where we could bring our recyclable
paper to insure that it would indeed be recycled?

Question #:
Answered on:
Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Why is there not standardization on what Web servers UCAR/NCAR uses?
Division A, for example, supports Mozilla only, which is fine until
Division B comes out with information that an employee needs to know but
that is supported by another browser, i.e., the new telephone systems user
information. When attempting to read the UCAR training documentation in
html format, I got the following message: "This presentation contains
content that your browser may not be able to show properly..." I am unaware


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