Water Fountains


Do the UCAR drinking fountains have filters installed on them? Is the water
from the fountains different from the water in the kitchen and restroom
sinks on each floor?

At a previous place of employment, the drinking fountains were labeled with
the dates when the filter was last changed on each fountain. Just wondered!

Answered on October 09, 2001


The drinking fountains at UCAR sites do not have filters. A single
distribution system provides water to all user points-drinking fountains,
kitchens, and restrooms-at all sites.

Water at the Mesa Lab is provided by the Betasso Water Treatment Plant,
which draws water from the Silver Lake and Barker Reservoirs.

The Foothills facilities' water supply varies, depending on demand. The
Betasso Water Treatment Plant is the primary supplier. Boulder's Reservoir
Treatment Plant is the secondary supplier. The latter draws water from two
sources: the primary supply is from the Boulder Feeder Canal, with
secondary water coming from the Boulder Reservoir.

A water-quality chart showing what is and is not in Boulder water is
available at