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Visitor Parking Spaces


I have noticed that some UCAR employees routinely park in the stalls
designated for visitors, no matter the availability of other empty parking
stalls. Isn't this contrary to UCAR policy?

Answered on April 13, 2006


This is an interesting question that involves both some cultural history,
definitions and common courtesy. For starters, this issue falls below the
standard that requires a specific written policy; thus, there is no written

Historically, we have considered any individual who does not permanently
reside at a particular campus to be a visitor. In other words, an employee
from the Mesa Lab would be considered a visitor to Foothills lab and could
use the visitor parking spaces. We have no way of identifying all vehicles
and are unable to differentiate between permanent employees and visitors.
In these instances we rely on the courtesy and honesty of UCAR employees to
use visitor parking spaces appropriately.

If you observe employees abusing the visitor parking spaces, please contact
security at x-1139. Initially, we will contact the employee and ask them to
refrain from using those spaces. If that doesn't work then we will contact
the employee's supervisor and ask them to work with the employee to find
suitable parking.

--Steve Sadler, Director, Safety and Site Services