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UCAR vendor selection and e-mail


How is it that certain commercial businesses are able to effectively use
NCAR e-mail facilities and sites for advertisement and sales? Specifically,
the companies I am aware of are Mountain Man Fruit & Nut Company, which
sets up shop in the cafeteria once a week, and Air Touch Cellular, which
effectively advertises to us via e-mail from the EAC. I find the latter to
be particularly bothersome, as the e-mail takes time to read and, from a
systems management perspective, it takes system disk space to store the
many messages.

Conversely, if I had friends with a company, would they be able to set up
shop in an NCAR building and advertise to internal NCAR mailing lists? If
not, why?

Answered on May 23, 1997


There seem to be two issues with this question. One is why certain outside
enterprises get to sell directly to UCAR employees, and the second is how
the UCAR-wide e-mail system is used.

The outside vendors which you mentioned (Mountain Man and Air Touch
Cellular) sell directly to staff and have gone through a bidding process
due to specific requests from the cafeteria and the EAC, respectively.
Contracts received each request and then followed the same process to
select and award the low bidder as in any other request. Other vendors are
not allowed to "set up shop" because they have not been asked to fulfill a
legitimate need by a UCAR division/program.

The internal e-mail system is open to notices because UCAR's philosophy is
that staff should have open access to the system within our organization.
It is recommended that the sender provide a descriptive header so that
receivers can delete the message without reading it if it does not interest
them. Users outside UCAR cannot send broadcast messages to us.

Further questions can be answered by contacting Beth Stansberry for
purchase awards and Greg Woods for broadcast information.

•Pat Harris