UCAR reimbursement for personal loss


My bicycle was stolen from one of the bike lockers provided by UCAR in the
parking lot of FL4 (UCAR North) in mid-July. I dutifully called NCAR/UCAR
security and the Boulder Police to report the theft. The locker was locked
as it should be.

I realize that security makes frequent trips to my building throughout the
night, but the lockers are so flimsy that one can break in by simply
pulling hard on the handle of a locker regardless of whether it is locked
or not. This means that it takes no more than one or two seconds to open a
locker. After a locker is open, security guards would have no way of
knowing whether or not the bicycle is owned by the person standing by the
locker unless they stopped and questioned the person. My experience is that
security does not bother folks who look like they know what they are doing.
(I frequently work until 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. and am never stopped or
questioned when seen leaving the building at these late hours.)

Answered on September 02, 1997


Regrettably, after extensive inquiry throughout the organization, I have
been unable to identify a formal or informal policy regarding UCAR's
reimbursement of employees for loss of their personal property. Apparently,
UCAR does not reimburse employees for theft or damage to personal property.
It is quite possible that the questioner's bicycle is insured under the
theft provisions of his or her homeowner's insurance policy. I suggest that
he or she contact his or her insurance agent to determine the extent of
that coverage.

--Butch Taylor, Manager, Contracts and Risk Management