UCAR policy clarification re staff positions


Recently I received an e-mail notice sent to all staff announcing the appointment of a staff member to the position of director of contracts and risk management. This appears to be a new, high-level position in Finance and Administration that has been filled without advertisement. Was advertisement waived in accordance with UCAR policy 2-1-3? If this is part of a reorganization and does not require advertisement, I would like to have these guidelines clarified.

Answered on January 02, 1997


For this position, advertisement was waived in accordance with UCAR policy 2-1-3. On 12 December 1996, I sent a memo to Human Resources through Bill Rawson, a member of the President's Council, requesting that the position be filled by appointing the incumbent insurance and risk manager to the new position without advertising. The waiver request was approved by Bill as well as by Human Resources.

Jeff Reaves,
associate vice president UCAR Finance and Administration