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Tree Plaza


I am surprised and disappointed to see that sloping grass turf has been
installed around the trees on the ML Tree Plaza. Surely NCAR should be
taking a leading role in the community by promoting water-wise landscaping,
as has been done so effectively next to the ML main entrance. I am
concerned that, not only will the new grass require excessive watering, but
also the slope of the "lawns" will promote drainage away from the trees and
onto the concrete, wasting yet more water. I hope this is only an interim
solution, and that we will yet see xeriscape planting on the Tree Plaza.

Answered on May 03, 2001


This topic was discussed several times with the Architectural Standards
Committee during design for the Tree Plaza Refurbishment Project. Many
alternatives were considered and discussed with the landscape architects.
Because of the numerous activities that are held on the Tree Plaza (from
weddings to schoolchildren eating lunch to staff meetings and parties), it
was recommended that the best landscaping for the expected foot traffic and
the severe weather conditions would be bluegrass sod. The planters are
designed so that water does not run off the sod onto the concrete; in
addition, the sprinkler system is equipped with a water-saving rain sensor.
It is hoped that staff will find the Tree Plaza an inviting place for small
gatherings and informal meetings.

-Tina Bogott, ML Refurbishment Project Manager