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Trans-Fat-Free UCAR Cafeterias


Recently New York City voted to ban the use of artificial “trans fats” in
that city’s dining establishments. Many food manufacturers are also
eliminating this type of fat, given its well-documented health risks.

Does the UCAR cafeteria currently use artificial trans fats in its fried or
baked products? If so, is there a plan to eliminate these fats, and if so,
when is the target date? I realize the cafeteria cannot cater to every
health concern, but this one seems especially important. I enjoy the
cafeteria’s food, and I’d like to be able to sample a doughnut or a serving
of French fries without worrying that this unnecessary and dangerous type
of fat might be present.

Answered on January 09, 2007


The UCAR/NCAR/UOP cafeterias have been aware of the movement to ban
artificial trans fats and have already replaced many items that contain
these fats for several years now. All the cafeterias use liquid canola
fryer oil and cook with an olive oil blend and butter. We sell Orowheat
brand breads, which contain no trans fats. We also sell scones, danishes,
­croissants, ciabatta, focaccia, and rustic and French breads from
Bluepoint Bakery that contain no trans fats. For breading, we use panko, a
Japanese-style breadcrumb that contains no trans fats. We are currently
working with our primary vendors (Sysco, Shamrock, and U.S. Foods) to
purchase all trans-fat–free ­products, which would include griddle oil,
crackers, tortillas, chips, etc. The doughnuts we sell, however, are made
with vegetable shortening (partially hydrogenated soybean oil).

While we are working to eliminate trans fats completely, we want our
clientele to know that we already have many food products that are
trans-fat–free. Please continue to read food labels and ask cafeteria
personnel if you have any more concerns.

—Nancy Post van der Burg, Event Services