[Based on something I heard, I was wondering if] Human Resources knows how
much employees have in their retirement accounts, as it would have the
potential to be a consideration for lots of things, like reduction in
staffing or whatever.

Anyway, this seems like only the individual's business or between them,
their accountant, and the IRS. On the other hand, maybe HR does not have
access to this information and this whole thing is a moot point.

Answered on February 14, 2000


TIAA-CREF, the administrators of UCAR's retirement plan, introduced a
Web-based application called Inter/FACE in 1997. Inter/FACE gives
retirement plan administrators quick and easy access to a wide range of
information that is needed to perform various job functions on a daily
basis. UCAR Human Resources also uses this application. Though it allows
viewing of a wide range of information, HR uses only a small portion of the

One of the most popular services we offer employees is the on-line ability
to calculate maximum salary reduction. Upon the request of an employee, HR
benefits staff use the on-line application to enter certain information
(current salary, previous year's salary, hire date, prior contributions,
etc.) and provide an on-line calculation instantly. In the past, such
requests were submitted to TIAA-CREF and the results would arrive in ten
business days. Employees do not have the capability to calculate their own
maximum salary reduction through Inter/ACT, TIAA-CREF's Web center for

Other information available, but never used by HR unless requested by an
employee, includes total accumulations, employer accumulations, premium
allocations, total premiums paid, last premium paid, and year-to-date
premiums paid. Except upon employee request, this information is absolutely
not used or accessed in any manner, because, as the questioner stated, it
is the individual's business and has no bearing on any decision made at
UCAR. UCAR policy prohibits such a misuse of employee information.

Each of the three HR staff members who use the Inter/FACE application has
signed a security and confidentiality statement provided by TIAA-CREF that
states, in part, that disclosing or failing to protect sensitive,
confidential, or proprietary information is considered improper conduct.

--Laurie Carr, Benefits Manager, Human Resources