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Stolen Car


Recently a car parked behind FL 2 on a weekday was stolen during work
hours. The car was later recovered, completely stripped. Why was this
incident not reported to all the staff so that they might take preventive
security measures? At the least the staff should be made aware of the fact
that their vehicle is at risk of theft in a setting that they probably feel
is pretty secure. Is UCAR taking any action to increase security, such as
improving camera monitoring?

Answered on August 13, 2003


Thank you for your question. It is generally not our policy to report these
sorts of situations, especially when it is a police matter. This was
reported promptly to the police, and they are in charge of the
investigation. If there were an imminent threat to life, safety, or health,
we would make an all-staff announcement. In this case, we do not believe
there was an unusual risk that isn't inherent in any open parking lots;
thus, we did not do an all-staff announcement. We are already upgrading all
of our security camera systems and have increased security patrols
throughout all of our facilities.

-Steve Sadler, Director, Safety and Site Services