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Staff Development


Why are there no equal opportunity or diversity training classes offered
through the Staff Development catalog?

Answered on February 14, 2003


Diversity training is very important, and it must be presented in a manner
that engenders understanding and support of the issues. We know this type
of training is often perceived to be "one of those classes we have to
attend when I have real work to do." Based on our experience, we believe
offering a class through Staff Development in which people sign up if they
want to attend would do little to advance this important topic. So Human
Resources instead has been researching possibilities and talking with
vendors about how to best deliver diversity and inclusion awareness. We
want staff to have a dialogue on diversity and inclusion, rather than a
lecture about how people should think and act. We are pleased to have found
a group that we think can do this effectively, and we are strategizing on
how to best integrate this training into the organization.

UCAR remains committed to equal opportunity, which includes understanding
and celebrating diversity of thought, race, and gender. Each year Human
Resources prepares a comprehensive Affirmative Action Plan, which provides
data on our workforce and areas for which we set goals and establish plans
for greater diversity. A copy of the plan can be reviewed in the Human
Resources Department. A good example of planning is the hiring of about 20
new NCAR Scientist I's over the past two years, who bring diversity into
the organization.

UCAR is developing a leadership training program that will include about 13
days of training, one of which will be devoted to diversity and inclusion.
We are also discussing how to provide specific training on a broader basis
in the organization. If you (the writer) have ideas on how to best
integrate the diversity and inclusion information into our training, we
welcome your input. Or if you know of specific pockets of need on the
subject, we'd like to hear that as well. And know that we're working on it
as well. Stay tuned!

-Terry Woods, Manager
-Cheryl Cristanelli, Staff Development Administrator
Human Resources