Speeding at FL


It appears that speeding in the Foothills Lab parking lots is getting out
of hand. It's only a matter of time until a pedestrian is hit or a
collision occurs. The posted limit is ten miles per hour, and absolutely
nobody goes that slowly. The most egregious violators appear to be
government vehicles and the Ryder rental trucks. Take a look at the curb
southwest of FL3--the black marks are from the tires of speeding vehicles
that bounce off the curb. Recently, I saw a Ryder truck knock some big
branches off an FL tree. Therefore, I ask:

* What is UCAR's liability for accidents and injuries that occur on
UCAR grounds due to a lack of enforcement of UCAR's policies?

* Does UCAR have to enforce the 10 mph speed limit, or do the speed
limit signs just absolve UCAR from liability?

* What happened to the speed limit sign on the southwest side of FL3?

* How can speeds be reduced? (The only workable solution would appear
to be speed bumps.)

* Why does UCAR allow a private company (Dave Taylor rental) to use
UCAR facilities for their private profit (i.e., parking their Ryder rental
fleet in the FL parking lot)? How does one go about getting approval for
one's company to use UCAR facilities? Perhaps I can make some money with
the IBM SP computer. If the thought behind allowing this company to use
UCAR facilities was that the empty space in the FL parking lot was going to
waste and that the trucks would be unintrusive, I argue that the trucks are
dangerous, noisy, and damaging to UCAR property. Thank you.

Answered on April 10, 2000


First, let me say thanks to the questioner, as she or he has provided
valuable information concerning traffic issues. Now that we have the
information, we will take appropriate action. In the future, the questioner
can speed up the enforcement/abatement process and help improve traffic
safety by immediately reporting traffic violations to Security at ext. 1139.

UCAR is responsible for enforcing its rules, policies, and procedures. When
we detect traffic violations we immediately take enforcement actions. Our
security staff routinely monitor traffic into, out of, and around all of
our facilities, both by camera and by personal observation. However, they
cannot monitor all facilities at all times. Consequently, they rely on
reports such as that provided by the questioner. I can't emphasize how
important it is to report these unsafe traffic conditions. Our intent is to
maintain a safe environment, and enforcement is one tool that we can and do

Regarding liability, that is dependent upon a legal process and
interpretation. Rather than wait to find out how much liability we may or
may not have, we'd prefer to prevent an accident. We will step up our
surveillance and enforcement, which we hope will reduce the violations
observed by the questioner. We do not know what happened to the missing
speed limit sign, but we will replace any missing signs and review all
signs to ensure that they are adequate. Finally, we will investigate this
entire issue to determine whether additional steps are needed, e.g., speed

UCAR reached an agreement with Taylor rental that allows them to park
vehicles in unused portions of our lot for a fee. This was done solely for
the benefit of the many employees who felt their safety was seriously
jeopardized by the way the trucks were parked along Mitchell Lane. Although
the trucks were legally parked, many employees considered them a
significant safety hazard. More than three dozen complaints were lodged.
Our lease agreement simply solved a very serious safety problem for dozens
of UCAR employees. We will contact the rental company to assure that they
observe all traffic rules and regulations.

--Steve Sadler, Director, Safety and Site Services