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On-Site Massage Therapy


I have heard numerous requests over the years to have a certified massage
therapist on site to perform fee-based chair massage once or twice a month.
Many other companies offer this benefit to their employees. The therapist
would be licensed by the city, and would carry liability insurance through
a recognized organization, such as the American Massage Therapy Association.

Therapeutic massage can help prevent or ease symptoms of carpal tunnel
syndrome and chronic neck or back pain, among other problems. Is this a
service UCAR/NCAR is able to offer to employees?

Answered on December 05, 2006


This issue has been reviewed in the past. Because of logistical and
liability issues, onsite massage therapy has not been previously offered.
Since Boulder has many locations where this service is offered, onsite
massage therapy has been viewed as a convenience to employees, rather than
a necessary benefit.

The inquiry is timely, however, as this issue is currently being reviewed
again. We initiated a liability and logistical review on October 12, and
expect to have additional information within a few weeks. Once that
information is reviewed, we will decide whether or not to offer this
service. That decision is expected to occur sometime in 2007.

We will supply further information once a decision has been made.

—Bob Roesch, Director, Human Resources