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Signage at Foothills Lab


I noticed the other day that the front of Foothills Lab has no sign to indicate where FL0 is or that it even exists. Why is this?

Answered on March 19, 2010


All buildings at Foothills Lab are secured buildings, and as such all visitors are to be directed to the FL2 lobby to sign in, which assists in orienting them. Regarding visual identification of the buildings from the exterior for fire department access, FM&S is working on a signage plan to add FL0 to the main directional sign at the ring road intersection to the FL complex. FM&S is currently in possession of legacy large numerals (1, 2, and 3), but no 0. We are in the process of determining if these exterior numerals are appropriate to attach to the buildings' exteriors as well as determining visible locations for the numerals.

Matt McMullen
Director, FM&S

David Maddy
Manager, Maintenance & Construction, FM&S