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Sick Leave


I've heard that other corporations have a policy in place whereby employees
are granted vacation time inversely proportional to how much sick time they
take, the idea being that if you're a person who's always calling in sick,
you get less vacation accrual (or the flip side-if you rarely call in sick,
you get more vacation). I don't know the finer details, but it basically
sounds like a good idea. Other organizations may have a generalized leave
policy whereby a set amount of leave is granted each year. It can be used
for sick leave or vacation or whatever at the employee's discretion, no
questions asked. Either scheme has its merits.

It's my feeling that certain people often abuse sick leave, and a policy
such as outlined above would address this. I virtually never take sick
time, and if I do, it's because I need it for genuine illness, not just
because I feel like taking the day off or don't have enough vacation time

My question, then, is: Would UCAR consider implementing such a policy?
While some abusers may not appreciate it, most of the rest of us would.

Answered on November 16, 2000


Yes, a lot of organizations have PTO (paid time off) policies that include
a bank of time employees may use for any purpose. No distinction is made
between vacation and sick leave.

We will be looking at all of our paid-leave policies in 2001. A PTO
approach will be seriously considered. At this time, it is too early to
speculate on the probability of our policy changing. I expect we'll know
something by midyear. Any change will be announced to all employees.

-Laurie Carr, Benefits/Compensation Manager, Human Resources