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Several people have noticed recently that the custodial staff is emptying
our recycle bins directly into the trash. This seems to violate UCAR Policy
1-1-22 regarding UCAR's commitment to conserving natural resources. Is it
indeed the case that we have abandoned the recycling of paper and, if so,
why? If it has been deemed necessary to do this, is there a place, or could
a place be designated, at each site where we could bring our recyclable
paper to insure that it would indeed be recycled?

Answered on September 17, 2004


UCAR Policy 1-1-22 remains in place, as does our office paper recycling
program. Custodians collect trash on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and
recyclable paper on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Trash and recyclable paper
leave our buildings in separate waste streams, and our collection
procedures are designed to avoid any mixing of these streams.

On occasion the custodians will empty a full wastebasket or recycle bin on
an unscheduled day, but the waste streams are to remain separate during
this process. Custodians occasionally find paper in wastebaskets or trash
in recycle bins, which they attempt to re-sort, if practical. When this
contamination cannot be easily corrected, the bin contents are declared
trash and disposed of as such.

Please report any violations of these procedures to Maintenance at
303-497-1120 or and we will correct the problem.

-Dave Maddy, Physical Plant Services