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Prairie Dog Resurgence at Foothills Lab


I just noticed that the prairie dogs are moving back into the burrows north of Foothills Lab that had a plague infestation a couple of years ago. I'm wondering what the plan is for keeping them out of the grass around FL this time. We used to have barriers up, but it seemed like they fell into disrepair and the critters moved in.

Answered on March 15, 2010


Facilities Management & Sustainability (FM&S) has contacted the City of Boulder's manager, Jane Brautigam, to alert her to the situation, and we are currently working closely with the City of Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP).

FM&S is investigating the possibility of crafting an agreement between UCAR and OSMP to obtain a revocable license or easement on the city-owned parcel to allow FM&S to build a straw bale barrier, per Boulder County regulations, on the level ground adjacent to UCAR's property line with the city parcel. This U-shaped straw bale barrier, stacked two bales high, would extend in an east-west direction along the northern boundary line with each end of the barrier extending for approximately 150 yards in a northerly direction along the railroad right-of-way on the west and the bike path on the east.

While not proven 100% effective, this visual and physical barrier has been proven by OSMP to be more effective than the previous fabric barrier, which is susceptible to ultraviolet and wind damage. This work will be coordinated within the scope of the upcoming Foothills Lab re-paving project later this summer. Please stay tuned as FM&S will be asking for volunteers to assist in the labor for installation of the straw bale barrier.

Matt McMullen
Director, FM&S

David Maddy
Manager, Maintenance & Construction, FM&S