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Policy on the Web


My question has to do with the UCAR policy on intellectual property and
technology transfer (IP and TT). There seems to be a mismatch between the
description of this policy in the December 2000 issue of Staff Notes
Monthly and the version available on the UCAR internal Web site.

The Staff Notes Monthly article refers to 90% of revenue going to the
programs and divisions, but the Web site states that 50% of the revenues
will be retained by the UCAR Foundation and the division/program will
receive 50% of the remainder. The article also refers to an active role in
the IP & TT process for the division/program, while the Web site does not
include any reference to the division/program in the Responsibilities
section. Finally, the article refers to a major revision of the IP & TT
policy in 1998, while the Web site lists a 12/94 date at the bottom.

My questions are:

(1) What is UCAR's current intellectual property and technology transfer

(2) Is UCAR required to notify staff when changes are made to distribution
percentages or other sections of the IP & TT policy? (Web references:
Policy 1-1-8, IP & TT, Provision 8 and Policy 1-1-2, Policy Manual
Applicability and Adherence, Responsibilities 1)

(3) Why has the IP & TT policy not been updated on the Web and UCAR staff

(4) When will the IP & TT policy be updated on the Web and UCAR staff be

Answered on February 02, 2001


I appreciate having this brought to my attention. Unfortunately, I was not
aware that the new IP policy had not been posted on the Web. The current
policy, which provides for divisions and programs to receive 90% of the
proceeds from commercialization, was approved by the UCAR President's
Council almost a year ago. UCAR has a standard procedure for updating the
policy manual and notifying staff of changes to policy. Failure to update
the IP policy was an oversight, and Valerie Friesen, corporate policy
development administrator, did not receive a copy of the revised policy.
This oversight will be corrected immediately. My apologies for any
confusion this may have caused.

– Jeff Reaves, Associate Vice President, Business Services